Global Education Center

Improving Healthcare in Developing Countries

Global Education Center

"All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual"
- Albert Einstein

Center Objectives

The Global Education Center was established to expand MediSend‘s mission of Sending Hope and Saving Lives by providing technical training and education to students from developing countries on the maintenance and repair of essential biomedical equipment, as well as in the application of healthcare management. Graduates return to their home countries with the skills to train others in their specialty, and to improve the overall healthcare in their communities.

Graduates of the outcomes-oriented Biomed Repair Program will be able to:
  • identify, formulate, and solve open-ended problems with medical relevance, including repair mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic failures of a broad range of biomedical equipment.
  • inspect, calibrate, and perform preventive maintenance and safety checks
  • install equipment, and provide instructions to physicians, nurses and physical therapists
  • advance to leadership positions within their community healthcare clinics and biomedical workshops
  • apply advanced concepts of team building, management and leadership to various situations, thereby encouraging participation in decision making within their community government structure
  • exhibit effective scientific, technical, communication, and resource management skills in their professional practices
  • discuss and demonstrate basic knowledge and skills for health maintenance and prevention of disease transmission within their community (i.e. HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Dysentery, Tuberculosis & Hepatitis C)

BMET Application

Apply for admission to the Biomedical Equipment Repair Training Program.

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